5 Jul 2015

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This heatwave is killing me. For the second time this week I'm eating ice cream as a part of my first meal of the day (yes, my first meal has taken place late afternoon, we had another house party) and my brain has slowed right down. Sunburnt shoulders and freckled noses have also taken place, but hey, what you gonna do? I'm still managing to grit my teeth and power through multiple cups of tea per day, and that's the important thing to remember here. British gonna Brit...

5 random things
♥ The image above was taken en route to Thorpe Park, and sums up the friendship between Sam, Thom & I pretty perfectly. We were on a train to wherever Thorpe Park is, and got so caught up in a ridiculous YouTube series (the Shopkins one, please watch if you haven't, it's so totally awesome guyyyyys) that we ended up missing our stop, and getting off in the people-free station that is Sunnymeads. The place was deserted - a fact we took advantage of with a race up and down the platform, and a selfie to commemorate the almost disaster that Shopkins caused. It was awesome. Thorpe Park itself was good too, when we finally got there... Going backwards on the Swarm rollercoaster was the BEST. THING. EVER!
♥ Last week, Thom, Steph & I went on a big gay day out to London Pride. We wore matching t-shirts, we marvelled at the pink poodles and the beautiful drag queens and all that was inbetween, and we danced our way from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square, before eating 99's, and collapsing in Hyde Park in exhaustion to listen to Tay and Ellie and Lauren Aquilina. It was fab.
♥ I met a guy in a bar last week. An actual man. In an actual bar. Without the help of Tinder. He approached me as I was making 'come and stop me bitch' eye contact with someone in his group - I was taking bottles of beer from their pre-bought alcohol bucket and putting them back slowly over and over again in an act of defiance when he wouldn't share with me and my friends - and pulled me off on my own to chat. He got me water when I said I was too drunk to drink, asked for my number and arranged a date for the following Thursday. He has since text me every day, we've had our date (London Eye, romance) and he hung out at my house with my friends all weekend. The ban may just be officially lifted...
♥ We (the house) bought chocolate brown sofa covers that definitely don't look the way they did on eBay. We're thinking of returning them. Because unless the 'giant brown tent' look comes into fashion, we have absolutely no use for them. Wah.
Shrek is love, Shrek is life. (NSFW. Seriously.)

5 current favourites
The House Bunny
♥ Crunchie ice cream for breakfast, followed by a same day cheeky lunchtime massage (chair) - London y'all!
♥ My new business cards, which were personalised by the work creatives using a list of my favourite things, and turned out brilliantly. They're a talented bunch.
♥ The Lipton's #BeADaybreaker campaign. Free stuff is probably my favourite thing about London living. There's a gig on Friday at Old Street Roundabout that I'm looking forward to checking out on my way to the office. Info here.
♥ My work friend Alice's definition of a 'muffin top' - she's somehow managed to turn the term into an endearing compliment. Such a muffin top. I love her (and Jo, who was also a part of the conversation.)

Current Playlist
Comptine d'Un Autre Été - Yann Tiersen
Jude Law & A Semester Abroad - Brand New
Just A Little Girl - Amy Studt

... Life, eh?


Current Obsession

23 Jun 2015

When you're older don't you want something to regret?

How this girl hasn't been signed  to a major label (though there is an EP coming - see you at the July launch?) is beyond me. So into her sound.


21 Jun 2015

Smudgeness London lifestyle blogLondon is not a city that indulges in permanence. Since moving here, two years ago, I have had four jobs, countless best friends and 13 housemates. Eighteen if you count the pets. Thirty if you count the mice we obliterated one week last May, in a massacre proudly chalked in on our living room blackboard – a giant thing found at the local dump - as ‘the great mouse hunt of 2014.’

Dating // Halves In Half

17 Jun 2015

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I’m writing about you
LOOK at me
I’m writing about you
You must know by now 
- Marina Keegan

He liked and unliked something random on my Facebook wall the other day, and since then I’ve been on a backslide. Thoughts of ‘go away you idiot’ replaced with ‘I wonder if he thinks about me’ replaced with ‘oh god, I miss him’ replaced with a thorough look through his old photos, each one bringing back memories that confirm he probably didn’t even consider me an important part of life so far.

It’s been nine long months since the last time we kissed, when I asked him - through tears, because every moment between us was fraught with drama - why he wouldn’t let me go, and he replied that he couldn’t, because he wasn’t a fool. Seven months since we said goodbye and to my ‘we’ll probably never see each other again’ he replied ‘we’ll find a way.’ And around two since we bumped into each other, and he introduced me to a friend as his ‘former colleague,’ after asking questions about a holiday I’d taken recently that he could only have known about by checking in on my social channels - all of which he still follows, by the way.

We don’t speak, I’ve long since given up on written responses, and yet there he is every so often - adding me as a friend or liking a status. Never completely gone from my life, never completely eradicated from my thoughts, even when I think I’m thinking about someone else.

It's exactly a year since I wrote that he told me he never wanted to fall in love again, because the last time he did, it destroyed him. At that time, I wrote that I, in contrast, couldn't wait to fall in love again. Now, with a half-hearted heart eye emoji and a defeatist sad face emoji, I finally agree with his sentiment. Am finally able to accept that if I never have to feel this way again, it will still be too soon. That he never fully gave himself to me the way I did to him - which is what hurts the most, because, as the poem goes, ‘it’s the halves that halve you in half.’ 

And I have been halved by the experience of knowing him.

We Went To Scotland

16 Jun 2015

Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland travel guide. London lifestyle blog
Sam and I continued our bucket list recently with a trip to Scotland. Starting in Edinburgh and ending in Glasgow, we spent four days and three nights drinking, wearing tartan, and pronouncing our words in accents that definitely weren't our own - which I think we'd both be willing to admit got annoying after a while. Despite the constant downpour and the bloody freezing temperatures, we had a really good time. Edinburgh is officially my favourite place in the world. And I'm fairly certain Glasgow is Sam's. It really was a win win situation.

How to do Scotland the Sam & Charlotte way
Book a room in Edinburgh using Air B'n'B, stay with a lady that owns an enormous cat, run your fingers over furnishings in your room pretending to check for dust - realise the two of you have watched one too many episodes of 'Four In A Bed' together. Head out for a walk around the city, get hopelessly lost searching for Princes Street, find a vintage store and try on cherry print dresses and thermal hats while oohing and aahing at the freak snow spell outside. Buy giant Mars Bar krispie cakes for a pound. Continue walking, stopping along the way to coo at tiny tartan dresses in shop windows, before admitting defeat and falling into a pub called The Hanging Bat to have dinner. Visit Greyfriar's Bobby and Tom Riddle's grave. Head back to the house to get ready for a night out. Put on red lipstick, check Tinder, head to Whistlebinkies to introduce yourself by fake names and dance with strangers. Continue this next door in a dive called Hive. Sleep in. Walk around Edinburgh for an entire day, buying tartan and shortbread and Tunnock's teacakes on your travels, and stopping off for 'Scottish cream tea' after a 'Scottish breakfast' whilst wearing two scarves and thermals because SCOTLAND IS SO DAMN COLD. Buy brooches and consider cool t-shirts. Pick up a copy of The Skinny, plan another evening on the drink. Eat a deep fried Mars Bar and call it an early night because you're off to Glasgow in the morning, and besides, you have a new book to read and Sam has a new episode of the SACCONEJOLYs to take in and that Mars Bar was a pretty bad idea that has made you feel the need to re-evaluate your life choices. Leave Edinburgh to the sound of a bagpiper playing Auld Lang Syne, enter Glasgow to the sound of a taxi driver saying 'are you girls here for the Take That concert?' (we weren't.) Check into your budget Ibis, having a good laugh at the fact that the shower door is see through, and faces the bedroom surrounded by mirrors - no privacy in Scotland. Walk around Glasgow for an entire day seeking graffiti and other such Glaswegian delights. Book an impromptu tattoo, walk away with your heart on your sleeve. Attempt to find live music after dark. Go back to the hotel when the search is fruitless. Drink tea in bed out of a paper cup whilst reading your book again. Sleep. Spend the morning touring churches and museums before holing up in a coffee shop to read in silence because by this point you're both exhausted and, despite being BFF's, have run out of things to say to each other. Go home. Miss Scotland instantly.

To visit
- Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh. Smells like a public toilet, yes, but the alcohol is cheap and the open mic entertaining. Remember to make a note of who you're listening to, though - to this day I'm tormented by an unknown artist whose song, 'Falling for a Friend,' is still on repeat inside my head.
- The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh. Raspberry beer and chilli con carne in a hipster setting.
- Various graffitied walls around Glasgow. This one was my favourite.

To eat
- Tattie scones - especially good as part of a Scottish breakfast
- All things Tunnocks
- Sausage and tomato Golden Wonder (SO GOOD!)

To remember
- Your umbrella. I have never been rained on so much in my life.

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