Right This Moment

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Time: 23:46
Location: My bed in Tooting. Sadly without the memory foam mattress topper I threw out on a whim last week whilst agitated. Happily with hundreds of pillows (and a cat.)
Listening: To the broadband booster crackle in the hallway.
Drinking: Nothing. *Coughs up sand.*
Reading: 'Hungry, The Stars & Everything' by Emma Jane Unsworth. 
Loving: This man, and the many wonderful things that make him up. Le sigh. Le heartsick eyelash flutter. Le small amount of vom in one's own mouth.
Needing: A cup of tea. Yes, 'need'. And some sleep. Always in need of that bit more sleep.
Thinking: Of England.
Enjoying: Being happy.

& 9 thoughts on 9 pictures for the 9th month, from left to right 
  • This is Starbuck. Starbuck lives with David, and has a brother called Boomer. Boomer swipes food out of my hand and turns away in disgust when he realises he doesn't like baked beans, Starbuck is much more timid. She isn't allowed upstairs. Hence why she looks so scared to be on the bed.
  • Last month, Thom and I went to BARCELONA BABY! Uh hum. This is a very sweaty image from an art gallery we visited, in which I fell madly in love with Zurbar├ín's 'Immaculate Conception.' And in which we laughed so hard at this lion that it's a wonder we weren't forcefully removed from the building. (P.S. We love tapas.)
  • He leaves me little notes. I mean, I know right?
  • This year I took full advantage of that outdoor cinema life. This was The Dark Knight, shown outside the Houses of Parliament. I also saw The Theory of Everything on a beanbag on a Shoreditch rooftop. London.
  • Spice Girls wallpaper at Cereal Killer Camden, which for a short while doubled up as my phone wallpaper. Because YOLO.
  • Our hoover packed in, which may or may not have been the direct result of me sucking up my iPhone 5 charger. According to manufacturers, his name was 'the naked truth.' Hetty is his replacement. I'm in serious lust with her beautiful pink face. 
  • Those are snacks. That is a pew. That is a candle lit folk gig in a church. As I said, London.
  • Standard bants in the housemate Whatsapp.
  • Tea and toast pre tube strike, the first tube strike, which resulted in me spending FIVE HOURS of my sweet young life travelling to work, after which I stayed in the office until 9pm to make up time. TFL, you suck. And no, you can't sit with us.
So... That'll be all then.

Goodnight moon xx

Throwback // "Dust Bunnies & Scented Candles"

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My house finally bit the bullet this weekend, and hired a cleaner - a move so long overdue it had our new French employee, Claude, frantically pointing out that the grease in our oven was ‘ORRIBUL. (Oh, the shame, the hilarity, the exaggerated hand gestures.)

Although I’m actually much more domestic than this would suggest - my bedroom is kept in a beautiful condition 99% of the time, and an ancient 5 bed house is bound to have its issues - the ordeal reminded me of a post I wrote way back when, in the days of living with neat freak Luke, when I genuinely was a bit of a nightmare. Originally published February 2013, and unpublished in 2015. I had to share.


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My love for Kate Spade is well documented, as is my love for Taylor Swift, who I can only assume these beauties are named after. With grey gradient lenses and heart shaped frames, it's hard to imagine a more playful way to see out the ‘great british summer.' And just think - with €165 and a pair of metal cat ears, we could finally all relive the glory of ’22...’ The dream is within our reach.

Also hearting: Animals – Emma Jane Unsworth. Longer – Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen. Cru’s Gordon backpack in tan. Sweet notes left on pillows and bedside tables.


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