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Winter by Harvey Nichols

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Winter by Harvey Nichols. Smudgeness lifestyle blog A couple of weeks ago, I finished my job of six months. I won’t go into the detail of why - the long and short of it being that I was unhappy – but it was a good move for me, and one that resulted in a) a week of Netflixing with my homeboy Thom (gotta love having a housemate that is between jobs at the same time as you, and is as lazy as you) and b) a fresh start at a new place this week.

Which brings me to my new client, Harvey Nichols, and their winter hub, which is fab.

Designed to see to all of your wintery needs, ‘Winter by Harvey Nichols’ is a collection of articles, products, and snappy one-liners. Featuring winter beauty, foodie stops and all that’s inbetween, the hub is almost blog like, and has something for everyone. With the offer of “helping you glide through winter in an effortlessly stylish manner,” it’s definitely worth a quick visit.

Points of interest
// At home with Azzi Glasser, a perfume designer that can charge £15,000 to create your bespoke scent
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// A candle for everyone
// The Harvey Nichols guide to winter beauty
// Luxury hampers I wouldn’t say no to
// And a handy last minute gift guide

The Best Chocolate Brownies Ever (A Recipe)

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best ever chocolate brownie recipeSo I bake now. Sometimes. Who’d have known this would ever happen?

Brownies are my speciality, and this particular recipe is divine. Taken from BBC Good Food, from a 2003 issue of their magazine, these brownies are really tasty, and are best served with a cuppa (obvs.) (May also taste good with this Christmas drink recipe.)


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'Tis the season for John Lewis adverts. Just in case you haven't seen this one yet... 

Other JL Christmas favourites: The journey. #MontyThePenguin.

Blog Love

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Blog love: Daisy Butter. What Have I Done This Time. Note To Self. Pilgrim Soul. Tinderella. Oh Dear Drea. Ellie's Favourite Things. Jacquina. Park and Cube. Bleubird.
What a week, she says, trying to remember exactly what happened this week. Thank god it's Friday, either way. With my last full five day-er as a social media pro behind me, I have big plans to spend the weekend theatre hopping, halloweening with the housemates, snuggling Charles (he's injured himself again) drinking tea, hibernating and reading blogs. Because after falling out of love with the blogosphere for the longest time, I now find myself falling back in. In a big way. Somebody please stop me refreshing Bloglovin' 1200000 times a day.

A list of recent favourite reads, with a recent favourite post, if you also fancy some internetting:

Daisy Butter // Pastel Skyrisers
What Have I Done This Time // Sundays In Paris
Note To Self // The UK In An Instant
Pilgrim Soul // #CultureVulture
Sinderella // The Lunch Date
Oh Dear Drea // Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things
Ellie's Favourite Things // A Whole Lot Of Blue
Jacquina // A Teatime Conversation
Park & Cube // Blush
Bleubird // Date Night In

Happy Friday! xxx

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Wooden Toys From Such & Such

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Such & Such wooden toys. Christmas gifts for kids
Christmas is drawing near, and I’m starting to make plans. Amongst the ‘are we spending Christmas together?’ and the ‘which cattery looks the least inhumane?’ there has of course been the question of presents. And when my mind turns to presents it often turns to favourite shops. In this case: Such & Such. This time, in particular: Wooden toys from Such & Such.

(I’ve written about the brand previously, here, if you want to read a bit more about them in general.)

A great alternative to the modern contraptions most kids want these days, these simple wooden toys are part of a range from Danish design collective, Orskov. Handmade, ornate and ever so slightly hipster, the collection - which features impossible cuteness from dragons to elephants - is absolutely ideal for young kids with a bit of imagination. Or for me, actually - that tiny monkey makes my heart swell a little.

If only there were some children I had to buy for…

Pictured: Wooden toy snake. Wooden toy dragon. Wooden toy gorilla. Wooden toy elephant.
More Such & Such favourites: Clement & Claude Jasmine Noir candle. Leather pixie pouch.


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